185,000 e-cig notifications

    By July 2018, under the requirements of the revised EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), manufacturers and importers had notified their intention to place more than 185,000 electronic cigarettes and refill containers on the market.
    This figure was given by the EU Commission yesterday in responding in writing to a question posed by the Maltese member of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola who had asked whether the Commission could ‘already provide information on the implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive for e-cigarettes in the EU member states’.
    In its reply, the Commission said that electronic cigarettes placed on the EU market were regulated by Article 20 of the TPD. ‘However,’ it added, ‘the regulation of the use of tobacco and related products in public places is the competence of member states.
    ‘All Member States have notified complete transposition of the Tobacco Products Directive. The Commission continues the compliance assessment of the notified measures.
    ‘The Commission continuously monitors market and scientific developments related to electronic cigarettes. This information will contribute to the implementation report to be presented by the Commission by May 2021 in line with Article 28(1) of the Directive. In the area of electronic cigarettes and refill containers, the implementation report will address market developments and the role of these products for the initiation of consumption by young people and non-smokers and their impact on cessation efforts as well as measures taken by member states regarding flavors.
    ‘At the same time, the Commission facilitates exchange of information and experience on these products among member states in different fora [forums] such as the Expert Group on Tobacco Policy, its Subgroup on Electronic Cigarettes and the Joint Action on Tobacco Control. These exchanges are reflected in the minutes from the Expert Group and the Subgroup which can be consulted online.
    ‘Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive requires manufacturers and importers of electronic cigarettes and refill containers to notify such products before placing them on the market. By July 2018, more than 185,000 such products were notified.’