ITMGroup now 12 companies

Thomas Automation Management (TAM) has joined ITMGroup.
TAM will operate as an independent company within the group, continuing to serve its customers as a provider of automation solutions and technical services. TAM’s current management will continue to manage the business from its existing location in Woodlawn, Virginia, USA.
“This merge is the natural progression of our eight-year relationship with ITMGroup”, says Ricky Thomas, CEO of TAM. “Our common customers in the tobacco industry will definitely benefit from the combined experience of our two companies. TAM is very excited to be part of a strong and well-respected group, with such a rich history.”
“We are proud to have such a capable representation in this part of the world for services and upgrades, close to our main customers in the tobacco industry,” says Arend van der Sluis, chairman of the board of ITMGroup.
“TAM’s strong innovative spirit is a great fit to our group and over the past years, many colleagues from TAM have mastered the most advanced machines of our portfolio, such as Capricorn, Saturn, Gemini, Polaris and Solaris,” says Van der Sluis.
“The TAM team have installed and serviced these machines not only in the U.S., but across the globe. This is a very solid base to deploy new projects together, both in the combustible area as in the area of next-generation products.”
TAM was established in 2010 and has become a regional provider of automation integration services in a variety of U.S. industries, including tobacco. From the beginning, TAM has worked closely with ITMGroup on multiple projects.
Following the addition of TAM, ITMGroup comprises 12 companies, with 22 sites and service centers worldwide. Headquartered in Kampen, the Netherlands, ITMGroup now employs more than 1200 people.