It's been a long time coming

    Fontem Ventures today filed comments on Health Canada’s proposed list of statements for use in the promotion of vaping products.
    “As outlined in our filing, we think Health Canada has chosen the correct and responsible way to help smokers make the best, evidence-based decisions if they consider switching to vaping,” said Ross Parker, Fontem’s director of corporate affairs and communications.
    Fontem is launching its myblu pod-based e-vapor device and myblu Intense flavors in retail outlets on a trial basis in Quebec, Canada, this month, ahead of a nation-wide launch in January.
    In its filing, Fontem said that any promotional messages should reflect both the risks and the benefits of the category so that adult smokers can make informed choices.
    ‘Such information should not exaggerate risks to deter use, and Fontem believes Health Canada’s proposed statements strike a good balance,’ Fontem said in a note posted on its website.
    ‘If adopted, these statements would be the first authorised promotional statements to recognise and maximise the opportunities of vaping products in tobacco harm reduction.’
    “More jurisdictions should follow Canada’s lead,” said Parker. “Informed consumers will make better choices, which could lead to better public health outcomes.”
    Health Canada issued a request for comments on September 4, and said it was exploring options for future regulations that would permit the use of certain comparative statements in vaping product promotion, with the objective of preventing consumers from being misled about the health hazards of vaping products.
    The selected permitted statements would be supported by science and expressed in clear terms to ensure that tobacco users were better informed about the relative health effects of using vaping products.
    The statements proposed by Health Canada are:
    * If you are a smoker, switching completely to vaping is a much less harmful option.
    * While vaping products emit toxic substances, the amount is significantly lower than in tobacco smoke.
    * By switching completely to vaping products, smokers are exposed to a small fraction of the 7,000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke.
    * Switching completely from combustible tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes significantly reduces users’ exposure to numerous toxic and cancer-causing substances.
    * Completely replacing your cigarette with a vaping product will significantly reduce your exposure to numerous toxic and cancer-causing substances.
    * Switching completely from smoking to e-cigarettes will reduce harms to your health.
    * Completely replacing your cigarette with an e-cigarette will reduce harms to your health.
    Fontem’s response to Health Canada, including its suggested statements, can be found here.