Smuggling snus

    Eight people are alleged to have smuggled more than 12 tonnes of snus from Sweden to Finland between 2016 and 2018, according to a story in The Local Europe quoting the Finnish customs authority.
    Snus has been banned from sale in the EU since 1992, apart from in Sweden, which negotiated an exemption to the ban when it joined the union in 1995.
    The main suspect is said to be a Finnish man in his 50s who lives across the border at Haparanda, Sweden. while a younger person, also residing in Sweden, is alleged to have helped him.
    The other suspects live near the Finnish capital and in Kajanaland, eastern Finland.
    All eight are accused of smuggling and aggravated tax fraud.
    Bringing small amounts of snus into Finland for personal consumption is allowed.
    But according to prosecutors, the snus in question – in total 12,700 kg – was bought in Swedish stores and transported in several cars to customers in the Kemi-Torneå area of Finland and then distributed further south in the country.
    The alleged smuggling ring was caught when customs officers stopped a van carrying 175 kg of snus in Finland in April this year.
    The case is due to go before a Lapland court later this autumn.