Doing well out of tobacco

The value of Romania’s exports of unmanufactured and manufactured tobacco fell during the first six months of this year, while the value of the country’s imports of these products rose, according to a story in The Business Review citing figures from INS (Institutul Național de Statistică).
During the first six months of 2018, Romania reportedly exported unmanufactured and manufactured tobacco worth €338.6 million, a figure that was down by 5.3 percent on that of the same period of 2017.
Meanwhile, unmanufactured and manufactured tobacco imports during January-June 2018, at €193.3 million, were 13.4 percent higher than those of January-June 2017.
Despite the fall in exports and the rise in imports, Romania recorded a tobacco-trade surplus of €145.3 million during January-July 2018.
The Review said that the best estimations of Romania’s leaf tobacco production was about 600-800 tons of Burley and 500-1,500 tons of flue-cured Virginia. It suggested that the high level of variation in the flue-cured estimation reflected the possibility that some leaf tobacco grown in Moldova was shipped to Romania.
The Review reported also that Romania had posted the biggest price increases in the EU during the past 17 years, with the prices of alcohol and tobacco having become eight times more expensive than they were in 2000.