HNB workshop for March

    A report on its 2018 Congress is included in the latest newsletter from CORESTA (Co-operation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco).
    The 2018 Congress was hosted by the China National Tobacco Corporation and held in Kunming in October.
    The report includes details about the CORESTA Congress presentations and workshops, and a brief outline of the networking events.
    Special mention is made of the Heated Tobacco Products Open Discussion and the announcement that a workshop is due to be held on this topic in Paris, France, in March.
    The report includes, too, an outline of the CORESTA Prize presentation and medal awards ceremony, the results of the Board elections during the General Assembly, and the names of the newly-elected Scientific Commission executives.
    The newsletter includes mention of the Golden Leaf Award, which was presented to CORESTA at Tobacco Reporter’s GTNF 2018 for outstanding service to the industry.
    And, as usual, the newsletter has a list of recently published CORESTA Technical Reports, Guides and New Projects launched, and revised CRMs.
    It has an update on CORESTA external communications and the dates of upcoming CORESTA meetings.