• June 12, 2024

Funding needs to be tested

 Funding needs to be tested

The Malaysia Medical Association (MMA) yesterday warned the federal government against working with groups that were ‘stealthily being funded by tobacco companies,’ according to a story by Danial Dzulkifly for The Malay Mail.

In a press statement, MMA said it stood with the World Health Organization (WHO) in urging governments around the world to reject working with the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World (FSFW), which is funded by Phillip Morris International.

The MMA’s president, Dr. Mohamed Namazie Ibrahim, said his organization was calling on the Malaysian government and researchers to reject funding from entities funded by the tobacco industry, such as the FSFW.

“We join the WHO in calling on governments and research institutions to shun any prospect of receiving support or research funding from the tobacco industry as well as from those furthering its interests.

“FSFW is entirely funded by PMI which continues to earn billions at the expense of those who fall prey to tobacco addiction. Our concern is that FSFW effectively operationalizes PMI’s corporate affairs strategy to further PMI’s business interests, which include the promotion of its heated tobacco products, a market which PMI seeks to dominate.”