• May 26, 2024

Covering all the bases

 Covering all the bases

Philip Morris last night held a UK launch party for its latest range of IQOS heated tobacco and vaping products.

The launch was held in the basement of the ME on the Strand, London, and the party at the hotel’s Radio Rooftop Bar.

Participants were given the opportunity of listening to a presentation by Dr. Moira Gilchrist, PhD, vice president of scientific and public communications at Philip Morris International about harm reduction and the part that PMI was playing in it by developing products that were underpinned by robust science and research.

IQOS products were displayed and there were static presentations explaining, for instance, the timeline of product development from Accord to IQOS, and why it was that health problems stemmed from the inhalation of the products of tobacco combustion. One such presentation was headed, The Smoking Problem.

In a press note, PM Ltd (UK and Ireland) said that the three new smoke-free IQOS devices were the company’s most advanced to date and had been designed to make it easy for smokers to switch away from cigarettes completely. According to PM Ltd’s MD, Peter Nixon, the new products have been specifically designed to give every one of the UK’s 7.4 million smokers a way to stop “burning tobacco”. “We are confident that our new IQOS range provides the solutions needed to help all UK smokers move away from cigarettes,” he said.

One of the devices presented at the launch was the IQOS3, which was described as the latest version of the heated tobacco device featuring a longer battery life, faster charging and a more ergonomic design.

The IQOS MULTI was described as a new, more compact heated tobacco device that had been designed to provide a different experience to PM’s other devices. With IQOS MULTI, consumers could use 10 back-to-back tobacco sticks before needing to charge the device.

IQOS MESH, for which the UK is its first market, was said to be a premium vaping product that used a replaceable pod containing nicotine liquid. ‘It uses a unique “mesh” rather than the traditional “coil and wick” to offer a more consistent vaping experience,’ PM said. ‘There are seven different flavored pods.’