• October 2, 2023

CORESTA reporting

 CORESTA reporting

The CORESTA (Co-operation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco) Secretariat has given details of the publications it has recently published and the projects it has launched.

The following documents have been published and can be downloaded from the Documents section of the CORESTA website at www.coresta.org.

  • Guide No. 5 “Technical Guideline for Pesticide Residues Analysis on Tobacco & Tobacco Products (includes Technical Notes)” updated
    (2018-10-17) (AA-099-CTG-05)
  • Technical Note #001 “Maleic Hydrazide” updated
    (2018-10-17) (AA-185-CTN0001)
  • Report “Inter-Laboratory Comparison Test Measuring Total NNAL in Human Urine”
    (2018-11-13) (BMK-092-CTR)
  • Report “Study of the Short-Term Variability of Commercial Cigarettes through Select Cigarette Constituent Testing”
  • (2018-09-19) (CVAR-081-CTR)
  • Report “Study of the Medium-Term Variability of Commercial Cigarettes through Select Cigarette Constituent Testing”
    (2019-01-09) (CVAR-082-CTR)
  • Report “4th Round Robin Test for Air Permeability Calibration Standards”
    (2018-10-08) (PTM-022-CTR)
  • Report “13th Round Robin Test for Multi-Capillary Pressure Drop Calibration Standards (2017/2018)”
    (2019-01-25) (PTM-159-CTR)
  • Report “11th Collaborative Study (2018) for Physical Parameters of Cigarettes and Filters”
    (2018-12-05) (PTM-167-CTR)
  • Guide No. 4 “A User Guideline for the Measurement of Pressure Drop of Cigarettes and Cigarette Filter Rods” updated
    (2019-01-11) (PTM-192-CTG-04)
  • Method No. 53 “Determination of Paper Wrapper Burn Speed” updated
    (2019-01-29) (PTM-201-CRM-53)
  • Method No. 78 “Determination of Selected Phenolic Compounds in Mainstream Cigarette Smoke by HPLC-FLD” updated
    (2018-12-05) (SMA-194-CRM-78)
  • Report “Collaborative Study on the Suitability of Certain Substrates for the Ignition Propensity Test According to ISO12863:2010”
    (2019-01-10) (RAC-106-CTR)
  • Report “2018 Collaborative Study of CORESTA Monitor 8 (CM8) and 9 (CM9) for the Determination of Test Piece Weight, TPM, Water, Nicotine, NFDPM, Carbon Monoxide and Puff Count Obtained under Mainstream ‘ISO’ and ‘Intense’ Smoking Regimes”
    (2019-02-05) (RAC-187-CTR)
  • Method No. 63 “Determination of Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines in Cigarette Mainstream Smoke – GC-TEA Method” updated
    (2019-01-10) (SMA-163-CRM-63)
  • Guide No. 23 “Placement of Data Loggers in Air-cured Barns and Data Logger Maintenance”
    (2019-02-05) (TSNA-034-CTG-23)
  • Report “2018 Collaborative Study for the Determination of Water Activity of Tobacco and Tobacco Products”
    (2019-01-07) (TTPA-172-2-CTR)
  • Method No. 88 “Determination of Nicotine in Tobacco Products by GC/MS”
    (2019-01-07) (TTPA-172-3-CTR)

A full list of active projects is available on the CORESTA website under the
Study Groups/Active Projects section:

  • Project 190: Consumer Reported Outcome Measures (CROM) Consortium Task Force (approved)
  • Project 196: AA SG – Statement by AA SG related to ISO Resolution No. 94: ISO 4876 – MH analysis (completed)
  • Project 197: PTM SG – 14th Round Robin Test on Pressure Drop Calibration Standards
  • Project 198: SMA SG – 2018 Cigar Collaborative Study: Smoke BaP and TSNAs
  • Project 200: COR – Sustainability Goals and Scientific Methodologies for Impact Assessment
  • Project 201: PTM SG – Editorial revision of CRM 53 (Determination of Paper Wrapper Burn Speed) (completed)
  • Project 202:  COR – Presentation at Next Generation Nicotine Delivery 2018 Conference in London, November 2018 (completed)
  • Project 203: EVAP SG – Presentation at the Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Conference (ENDS 2019) in London, UK, June 2019
  • Project 204: PTM SG – 12th Collaborative Study on Physical Parameters
  • Project 205: AA SG – 15th FAPAS CPA Analysis Proficiency Test – 2019
  • Project 206: SMA SG – Systematic Review of CRM 83
  • Project 207: RFT SG – Residue Field Trials – 3rd 3-year cycle
  • Project 208: GMO SG – 6th Proficiency Test for Detection of Transgenic Tobacco


Reference Products: CM9 Use and Conditions