China to host cigar show

The China International Cigar EXPO will take place in the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on Nov. 21-22, hosted by China Cigarette Sales Co. and Shenzhen Municipal Tobacco Co., organized by Shenzhen Tobacco Import & Export Co.

The EXPO will feature both domestic and international cigar products and provide a platform for exchanging industry information.

In addition to product displays, the event will include discussion forums, cigar ratings and an event in which experts pair Chinese cigars with tea.

Strategically located, Shenzhen is a major port and consumer market for cigars from overseas. In recent years, the rapid growth of middle-to high-end cigar market in Shenzhen has played a significant role in developing China’s cigar industry.

The EXPO will be held at a 5,000 square meter convention center, with more than 50 domestic and foreign enterprises. The organizers expect more than 100 exhibitors.