Challenge Dismissed

The Supreme Court of Kenya on Tuesday dismissed a challenge by British American Tobacco (BAT) to regulations that charge the tobacco industry a fee to help compensate people affected by smoking, reports AP.

BAT had argued that the 2 percent fee was vague because it was unclear whether it would be imposed on the raw material or the final product.

The justices ruled the regulations conform to the constitution and its goal of protecting the lives of Kenyans.

“The limitation has to be weighed against the larger society,” said Justice Njoki Ndungu. “There is no way regulations can be made without considering the health of the people.”

Tobacco advocacy groups celebrated the judgment. “The Supreme Court’s decision is a resounding victory for public health and allows the government to implement a law that will help protect Kenyans from the devastating consequences of tobacco use,” said Bintou Camara Bityeki, director of Africa programs, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.