Name Disputed

    Vitabon Co. is suing British American Tobacco (BAT) for trademark infringement in South Korea.

    Vitabon claims that the name of BAT’s Glo Sens hybrid e-cigarette too closely resembles that of its nicotine-free aromatherapy device, Sense.

    Vitabon is demanding KRW110 million ($93,000) in compensation and an end to the manufacture and sales of Glo Sens in South Korea.

    “Despite the fact that Vitabon Sense is a product designed to help customers quit smoking and Glo Sens is an e-cigarette product, the methods of use are very similar and their customer bases very close,” a Vitabon official said, adding that Vitabon Sense was released prior to Glo Sens.

    BAT plans to file a countersuit against Vitabon, denying the claim that the names confuse consumers.