• June 12, 2024

Russia hikes taxes

 Russia hikes taxes

The Russian government has raised the excise duties on tobacco products, reports TASS news agency.

Excise taxes on cigarettes and unfiltered cigarettes have increased to RUR1,966 ($31.80) per 1,000 sticks plus 14.5 percent of estimated cost calculated on the base of the maximum retail price, with a minimum of RUR2,671 per 1,000 sticks.

The excise duties on cigarillos, beedis and kreteks have risen to RUR3,055 per 1,000 items from RUR2,938 per 1,000 items.

Cigars they have seen an increase from RUR207 to RUR215 per item.

Pipe tobacco, smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff tobacco and shisha tobacco are now taxed at RUR3,172 per kg, up from RUR3,050 per kg.

The excise on heated tobacco and heated tobacco products has increased to RUR6,040 per kg from RUR5,808 per kg.