New board hologram group

    The International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) has announced a new executive board.

    Rajan Thomas has been elected to oversee operations across Asia. Anton Goncharsky and Manoj Kochar are elected with responsibility for the Eastern Europe/FSA/CIS region and the Authentication Solution Providers’ Association in India, respectively.

    Joanne Ogden will continue to represent the EU and EFTA region, while Brad Hilbert and SeungHyun Lee remain on the board with Alessio Pastorelli and Corinne Murcia Giudicelli.

    Led by Chairman Paul Dunn, the board will direct the IHMA’s work to advance holography as global threats continue to push demand for authentication and brand protection devices such as holograms.

    The IHMA plans to expand the scope of current operations, embracing the widest range of commercial holographic activity.

    “Innovation is pushing the boundaries of what holographic technology can achieve, reflecting that there is plenty of mileage in holography,” said Dunn.

    “I’m very much looking forward to the challenge of taking the IHMA forward and working with members and organizations to ensure it remains a strong advocate and resource for the industry in the future.”