• April 23, 2024

Turning Point Brands Retools to Make Hand Sanitizer

 Turning Point Brands Retools to Make Hand Sanitizer

Turning Point Brands (TPB) repurposed select manufacturing infrastructure to produce free hand sanitizer for communities in California, Kentucky and Tennessee. TPB division Nu-X distributed the first few thousand hand sanitizer bottles and bulk gallons on Tuesday in an emergency production run to the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center.

“We saw an opportunity to contribute and help. We hope other companies with the capacity to do so will do the same,” said Lorenzo De Plano, senior director of Nu-X.

TPB will have two vans delivering Nu-X products around the Los Angeles area every day until all available inventory is depleted.

The company is also looking for opportunities to provide needed materials to other organizations out of its Louisville, Kentucky facility. Hospitals and elderly homes will have priority of hand sanitizer products. All hand sanitizer bottles produced will be under the brand Nu-X and will not be for resell purposes.

“Our company takes very seriously our role in providing support to the communities where we operate. We hope that through this action we can both help those impacted by the Covid-19 situation and inspire others to act,” said Larry Wexler, president and CEO of TPB.