• February 27, 2024

VApril Moves Online

 VApril Moves Online

VApril, an annual campaign to help U.K. smokers transition to vaping, will launch on April 1 and is going digital following the coronavirus outbreak.

Now in its third year, VApril is the world’s largest vaping consumer education campaign. This year, the campaign will harness digital platforms to reach out to U.K. smokers and vapers during the coronavirus lockdown and continue to provide specialist advice for those trying to quit smoking.

VApril follows the latest Vaping Evidence Review published by Public Health England (PHE) in March, which indicated that misinformation has led to false fears about vaping, preventing more smokers from make the switch.

“Normally during VApril, our members’ retail stores host expert classes across the country to educate smokers on everything to do with vaping, but this year, we’ve had to change tact to safeguard the welfare of smokers and vapers during the month, and therefore we will be engaging audiences through digital media,” said John Dunne, a director of the U.K. Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), which organizes and coordinates VApril.

“Our VApril campaign aims to address the misinformation out there and give smokers all the evidence-backed advice and information that they need to make informed decisions about vaping and to give them peace of mind.”

An online hub is now live to support the campaign, where smokers can access information and expert advice covering vapor devices, flavors and nicotine levels.

Smokers can download a special “Switch on to Vaping” guide and pose questions online to an industry expert panel. A number of vapers also share their positive life-changing experiences of making the switch from smoking to vaping, and there is a vaper’s guide to coronavirus.

Vaping companies and associations in the U.K. and internationally can contact UKVIA to gain free access to all the campaign’s materials.