• April 18, 2024

Job Virgin Unbleached Cone Packs

 Job Virgin Unbleached Cone Packs

Job rolling papers are now available in virgin unbleached cone packs.

Pre-rolled and equipped with a tip to offer an easier way to pack, fill and enjoy, Job Virgin Cones are made of unbleached, chlorine-free and dye-free fibers that are responsibly harvested.

Vegan and GMO-free, Job Virgin Cones are ultrathin (12 grams per square meter) and lightly porous for a slow burn and truer taste with minimal ash. With their natural brown hue, natural acacia gum adhesive and distinctive Job watermark, the cones are part of the recently introduced Job Virgin product line, which is intended for the discerning and eco-conscious consumer who prioritizes quality, flavor and sustainability.

Job Virgin Cone packs are available in two retail sizes: 1 1/4 size (six cones per pack) and king size (three cones per pack). They are packed 32 packs per display and 24 displays per case.

The top-selling premium paper brand in the United States with a legacy that goes back to 1838, Job is family-owned and distributed by Republic Tobacco, the largest roll-your-own/make-your-own distributor in the United States.