• April 18, 2024

New Dispensing Technology Prevents Tube Crushing

 New Dispensing Technology Prevents Tube Crushing
Photo: Republic Tobacco

Republic Tobacco has developed a new patented technology for dispensing cigarette filter tubes with newly designed E-Z Dispenser gravity feed cartons for King and 100 mm Sizes. Filter tubes are fragile and can be easily crushed while taking them out of a traditional box. Crushed tubes are unusable for consumers.

The E-Z Dispenser box design provides a solution allowing cigarette filter tubes to be dispensed one at a time without damage. The new cartons continue to open the conventional way, by pulling open the top lid or they can be used in the new gravity feed mode. 

The gravity feed is easily engaged by pulling down the corner flap as shown on the front of each carton and pulling out the viewable tube. Tubes will continue to drop down into the corner as each tube is taken out. By removing them at the filter tip end from the gravity feed dispenser, surrounding tubes won’t be crushed. 

This new technology will be available in Gambler, Tubecut, TOP and Premier brands.