• April 18, 2024

Cannabis Technology House Launches HNB Device

 Cannabis Technology House Launches HNB Device
Image: Cannabis Technology House

Cannabis Technology House (CTH) is launching QUB, a heat-not-burn product that can contains cannabis flower or tobacco leaf.

According to Greg Kunin, CTH’s co-founder and chief product officer, the product does not have to be cleaned because the heater is replaced with each new consumable.

The difference between QUB and other vape pens is that the user consumes a product that is pre-packaged dry material in a cube-shaped piece. Most vape pens come as a reusable hardware device, but the consumer typically adds an oil cartridge to one end or it comes prepackaged with an oil cartridge. The result is that the consumer inhales an oil that is extracted from the original dry material.

While QUB was originally conceived as mostly a cannabis product, the crossover between tobacco and cannabis provides consumers flexibility. Cigarette smokers could use their QUB device for both tobacco and cannabis.

CTH was created by former Altria employees who worked with an Israeli R&D group that patented this concept.

The company has received $1 million from private investors to further develop QUB.