• June 12, 2024

Dutch Considering Tougher Stance on Vaping

 Dutch Considering Tougher Stance on Vaping

Health officials in the Netherlands are considering a stricter approach to electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). Junior health minister Paul Blokhuis has told MPs he is considering extra legislation to limit the use of e-cigarettes following research which shows they are widely used by teenagers.

Electronic cigarettes are more dangerous to health than first thought and are seen by teenagers as a first step to smoking real cigarettes, according to a new fact sheet produced by the Trimbos addiction clinic on behalf of the health ministry, according to a story on dutchnews.nl.

Fifteen years after they first came on the market, some 3.1 percent of Dutch adults now use an e-cigarette on occasion, Trimbos said. Their use is largely seen as a way to stop smoking cigarettes, although almost three quarters of users still smoke in the traditional way, according to the story.

However, the organisation also stated that the health of the Dutch would be best served if the use of e-cigarettes is restricted to hardened smokers who cannot stop using other tried methods. “The new Trimbos insights raise questions about introducing additional legislation,” Blokhuis said in his briefing to MPs. The minister will now study the research in more detail and, according to the Telegraaf, a ban on flavourings is one of the options being considered.