Shunbao Technology Banned From Selling IQOS ‘Knockoff’ in U.K.

Photo: PMI

A London judge has prohibited Shenzhen Shunbao Technology from marketing an alleged “knockoff” of Philip Morris Product’s (PMP) IQOS tobacco heating device in the U.K. because of European design protections.

High Court Judge Anthony Mann granted PMP’s request for default judgment in the case since Shunbao Technology had not participated in the proceedings.

He also granted PMP’s request to extend the intellectual property protections the company currently has for its product under a European Union registered community design so it will remain in effect in the U.K. after Britain leaves the bloc.

The smoking device dispute dates to November 2018 when PMP sued Shunbao Technology for infringement of its registered design.

Phillip Morris filed its claim in the U.K. shortly after discovering the rival company had created a “cheap knockoff” smokeless product called AMO that was already being marketed in China, according to its written arguments to the court.