• April 18, 2024

Respira to Submit Nebulizer for FDA Approval

 Respira to Submit Nebulizer for FDA Approval
Photo: Respira Technologies

Respira Technologies plans to submit an inhaler device to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration by late 2021 for authorization as nicotine-replacement therapy.

The company aims to disrupt a $618 billion market dominated by decades-old gums and patches from pharmaceutical companies as well as tobacco companies’ electronic nicotine-delivery devices with a nebulizer that converts nicotine to an aerosol.

Based in West Hollywood, California, USA, Respira Technologies says that the Covid-19 pandemic has sparked new interest in quitting, and today’s users of vapor devices and e-cigarettes need updated cessation products.

“The reality is we have folks who are addicted to nicotine who never tried combustible products before,” Respira CEO Mario Danek told Bloomberg Technology, referring to tobacco products that are burned like cigarettes and cigars.

“They’re used to sleeker products, and we have that design.”