• April 18, 2024

KT&G Launches Miix Combo

 KT&G Launches Miix Combo
Photo: KT&G

KT&G is launching Miix Combo, a dedicated stick for its Lil hybrid cigarette.
Miix Combo allows consumers to experience two flavors at once by changing the taste from traditional tobacco to “a different coolness.”
The new product will debut June 19 at flagship stores in Seoul, Songdo, Ulsan, Cheongju and Busan. In June, sales will start at 44,000 convenience stores nationwide. Miix Combo will retail for KRW4,500 ($3.72) per pack.
“At the request of consumers who want a different taste than before, we have released a ‘mix combo’ featuring a dramatic reversal of taste,” said Lim Wang-seop, business director for next-generation products at KT&G. “We will continue to communicate with customers and respond quickly to market needs.”
According to KT&G, Lil has been well received in Korea. In January, Philip Morris International agreed to market the product in other countries.