South Korea to ‘Refresh’ Tobacco Health Warnings

    Photo: KT&G

    South Korea will introduce new graphic warning images this year, reports the Yonhap News Agency.  
    Of the 12 photos currently used on cigarette packs, nine will be replaced with new images starting Dec. 23, the Ministry of Health and Welfare said.
    The new images will highlight the greater chances of smokers contracting lung and oral cancer, heart disease, stroke and early death, as well as the dangers of secondhand smoking and smoking during pregnancy.
    Warning images showcasing the heightened risk of laryngeal cancer, sexual dysfunction and dangers posed by electronic cigarettes will be retained as they have been shown to be effective in enhancing risk awareness, according to the ministry.
    South Korea’s rules require 75 percent of a cigarette pack to be covered in warning images and text. Images must account for 55 percent of the packs with both the front and back required to show graphic pictures. These images need to be revised every 24 months.