• May 27, 2024

Juul Takes Action Against Illicit Products

 Juul Takes Action Against Illicit Products
Photo: Juul

Juul Labs has filed its third action with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), directed at all importers of unauthorized “Juul-compatible pods” that copy Juul Labs’ patented product designs without authorization.

The action seeks a general exclusion order barring the importation of any infringing, unauthorized pod-based product designed to be used with the Juul System, including compatible flavored pods and refillable pods, effectively eliminating a sector of illicit products that seek to circumvent federal policy, can present additional health and safety risks to adult consumers, and undercut underage-prevention measures.

Additionally, Juul Labs is asking the ITC to issue orders stopping the distribution, marketing, and sale of all such products already in the country.

This patent enforcement action builds off previous actions Juul Labs pursued at the ITC, targeting a broad range of importers of unauthorized Juul-compatible products, including Eonsmoke and Ziip Labs. According to Juul, past actions have successfully resulted in stopping the ongoing importation of more than 40 brands of illicit and unauthorized Juul-compatible pods and products.

With this new action, Juul Labs says it seeks an even larger impact with a remedy that will not only bar the pod products named in the complaint but will also bar all other infringing pod products that copy Juul Labs’ patented designs.