KT&G Africa Launches Ice Kula Low-Odor Brand

    Photo: KT&G

    KT&G will launch Africa Ice Kula on July 22.

    According to KT&G, the new product will increase “coolness” and reduce bad breath.

    The Africa Ice Kula is the first of the Africa brands to apply KT&G’s “smell care” technology—an innovation that reduces the smell of cigarettes in the mouth after smoking. It also produces a stronger coolness than the products of the previously released Discover Africa brand.

    The Africa brand, which was launched in 2013, became popular among young adults seeking differentiated taste. In particular, the Africa Ice Kula is the first deodorant product of the Africa brand and will provide a satisfactory option for consumers who prefer clean smoking.

    KT&G Brand Manager Moon Sung-hwan said, “The Africa Ice Kula is a product that further enhances the coolness and neatness in the summer season. It will satisfy everyone.”