KT&G Aims for No. 4 Position

Photo: KT&G

KT&G has stated that by 2025, it aims to become the fourth largest tobacco company in the world.

“KT&G aims to increase the number of exporting countries from 80 to over 200 by 2025,” the company said in a statement. “Through this, we set the new goal of becoming the No. 4 tobacco company in the global market by then.”

KT&G was the No. 5 tobacco maker in the world by sales volume and market share in 2016, according to Euromonitor International. To reach its No. 4 goal, the company has been exploring new markets and plans to increase investments in its global subsidiaries’ distribution network and marketing infrastructure.

KT&G’s global ambitions were also highlighted in Tobacco Reporter‘s July 2020 issue.