Former PMI Strategist to Lead Taat Lifestyle

    Taat CEO Setti Coscarella
    Setti Coscarella (Photo courtesy of Taat Lifestyle & Wellness)

    Taat Lifestyle & Wellness has appointed Setti Coscarella as its chief executive officer as the company prepares for the launch of its Beyond Tobacco cigarettes in the fourth quarter of 2020.
    Previously, Coscarella was a lead strategist for reduced-risk products (RRPs) at Philip Morris International (PMI). His leadership and execution at PMI led to the launch of numerous initiatives that collectively yielded a fivefold increase in leads and purchases for RRP.
    Beyond Tobacco cigarettes contain a proprietary blend of tobacco flavoring but no nicotine and no tobacco. The product has been designed to offer a user experience that closely resembles that of smoking a traditional cigarette, featuring a familiar traditional “stick” format and cigarette-style packaging.
    Each stick contains at least 50 mg of cannabidiol, which has been shown to mitigate tobacco withdrawals and reduce dependency upon tobacco. Beyond Tobacco is to be offered in an “original” and a menthol variety.
    “The molecule in our tobacco-free and nicotine-free cigarettes is delivered in a near-identical format to legacy tobacco products, and I strongly believe that smokers would be eager to make the switch if presented with the option,” said Coscarella.
    “The early-stage market research results for Beyond Tobacco reflect an extraordinary reception of the product among smokers, and I am very eager to be in the driver’s seat of Taat as we approach the planned launch of Beyond Tobacco in Q4 2020.”