KT&G Supports Downpour Victims

    KT&G volunteers help restore tobacco farms in affected areas. (Photo: KT&G)

    KT&G has donated KRW500 million ($420,000) to expedite the restoration process of areas affected by recent torrential rains. More than a week of downpours in South Korea has left at least 30 dead and 12 missing in landslides, floods and other incidents.

    The donation was provided by Sangsang Fund, a voluntary charity system of KT&G employees. Sangsang Fund is a unique charity system where the voluntary contribution of employees is matched by KT&G every month.

    “In the midst of the Covid-19 recession, the flood victims are in desperate need of help,” said KT&G President Baek Bok. “I hope that the hard work and care from the employees of KT&G would swiftly restore the damaged areas and help people return to their normal life.”

    On August 6, KT&G volunteers started restoring tobacco farms in Bongyang-eup in Jecheon-si, Chungbuk. Twenty volunteers provided raw materials, cleaned flooded houses and assessed the damaged goods.

    “We wanted to give a hand to the farmers who are suffering from the torrential rains,” said a KT&G official. “As a corporate citizen, KT&G would like to continue its philanthropy and to support the community.”

    Previously, KT&G donated KRW500 million to those impacted economically by Covid-19