California Governor Signs Flavor Ban

    California Governor Gavin Newsom on Aug. 28 signed legislation that will prohibit the sale of flavored tobacco and vapor products in the state beginning Jan 1, 2021. The flavored ban includes all flavors including menthol. The legislation does not make it illegal for someone to purchase, possess or use flavored tobacco or vapor products. The bill contains a provision that would impose a $250 fine for each violation. California will become the second state to prohibit flavored tobacco and vapor products, following Massachusetts

    “I have been very expressive in terms of my absolute condemnation of this tobacco industry that continues to find ways to target our youth,” said Newsom in a press conference just before signing the bill. “It will be a point of deep pride and personal privilege, as a father of four and as someone who has had many, many family members die at the hands of the tobacco industry, to sign that bill.”

    Vapor Technology executive director Tony Abboud called the new law “bad policy” and said, “As California’s economy continues to face Covid-related challenges, the last thing its state leaders should be doing is driving people back to cigarettes, shuttering small businesses and slashing jobs.”