• April 16, 2024

PMI: Public Wants Science-Based Policies

 PMI: Public Wants Science-Based Policies
Moira Gilchrist

Citizens around the world want governments, public authorities and private businesses to prioritize science and facts when tackling critical issues, according to a white paper prepared by Philip Morris International (PMI) with research from Provaddo.

“Science can help make significant strides in our collective efforts to address the world’s most pressing problems” said Moira Gilchrist, vice president for strategic and scientific communications at PMI.

“Unfortunately, governments and broader society have yet to embrace science at its fullest potential as this global survey shows. Ensuring facts and evidence are given greater prominence in policymaking—over ideology, politics and unsubstantiated beliefs—will help match the public’s expectations for science to sit at the heart of decisions impacting them and their future.”

Science is crucial to PMI’s ambition to deliver a smoke-free future. “With the right regulatory encouragement and support from civil society, we believe this goal can be achieved in many countries in 10 [years] to 15 years,” the company wrote in a statement.