NDC Presents New Vision

Photo: NDC Technologies

NDC Technologies, a provider of intelligent, connected measurement and control solutions, has unveiled its new vision, purpose and values statements.
“For over 50 years, NDC Technologies has been a trusted partner to manufacturers around the world,” the company wrote in a statement. “We’re truly proud of our rich heritage as a leading provider of precision measurement and control solutions as it reflects the longevity and sustainability of the value we’ve been delivering to the marketplace.

“And we’re excited about our organization’s future because we’re entering the next chapter of NDC Technologies. With this, we’re delighted to announce our new vision, purpose and values statements which will guide our organizational culture and instill an unwavering commitment to better serving our valued customers … while caring for our people and the community.”
The new vision, purpose and values are as follows:

The new vision, purpose and values are as follows:

  • Vision: intelligence that transforms the world
  • Purpose: We solve complex problems for producers around the world using analytics and intelligent measurement and control technologies in a scalable, sustainable manner. We are a culture committed to delivering the one thing our customers desire most—peace of mind.
  • Values: be true, own it and aim high