• June 19, 2024

Pax Labs Launches Cannabis Vaporizer

 Pax Labs Launches Cannabis Vaporizer
Photo: Pax Labs

Pax Labs has launched its Pax 3 cannabis vaporizer for dry herb and concentrates in a sleek and sophisticated new color palette that includes Onyx, Sand, Sage and Burgundy in a premium matte finish.
The new colors are available in both a basic kit ($200) and a complete kit with concentrate insert ($250).
“Our new color palette is a beautiful range of modern, refined colors, hand selected to reflect a sophisticated yet still discreet design,” said Jesse Silver, Pax Labs’ senior vice president of product in a statement.
The product also offers enhanced battery life, temperature consistency and consumer control through the Pax app.
Pax 3 uses a UL-certified battery and food-grade materials for mouth-touching parts. The product has undergone extensive testing in the areas of temperature stress, thermal cycling, durability, battery cycling, environmental exposure, continuous operation and electromagnetic/radio frequency compatibility.
A unique locking technology stops Pax 3 from producing vapor to prevent unwanted use.