• April 21, 2024

Vilosophy Launches Oils and Pouches

 Vilosophy Launches Oils and Pouches
Photo: Vilosophy

Vilosophy has launched V&YOU, a portfolio of premium products with “active” ingredients, in the United Kingdom.

V&YOU products are available in four “vibes”—calm, chill, focus and boost. They include CBD oils and pouches, as well as nicotine pouches. According to Vilosophy, the V&YOU CBD and nicotine pouches provide a new, discreet and convenient way to consume either ingredient.

V&YOU products adhere to the strictest quality standards and are sold an accessible price, according to the manufacturer.

“We are excited that our first brand V&YOU will be one of the only producers of nicotine pouches in the U.K.,” says Vilosophy CEO Wouda Kuipers, who founded the company with Ged Shudall and Markus Bonke, two seasoned executives from the fast-moving consumer goods space.

“Pouches are incredibly popular across Europe and we think people in the U.K. will find them a convenient way to take nicotine; they also provide longer lasting flavors,” adds Wouda Kuipers.

“Vilosophy has been founded on the belief that people should be free to choose how they live their life and our aim is to develop a portfolio of lifestyle brands that bring premium active ingredients to market, in a way that is best for people,” he says.