Puff Bar Owner Sues Over Fake Products

Photo: DS Technology Licensing

DS Technology Licensing, the owner of registered trademarks associated with the Puff Bar vapor device, and Puff Inc., an authorized U.S. distributor, has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court against over 20 Chinese and American companies accused of distributing counterfeit vaping devices.

The defendants include international manufacturer and distributor CACUQ, U.S. distributors, e-commerce companies, and brick-and-mortar retail stores. Plaintiffs are represented by the law firm of Gallinger Law.

The lawsuit addresses both counterfeit Puff Bar vapor devices as well as knockoff products identified as Puff Smart, Puff Mini, Puff Stig and Airis Puff and seeks $50 million in restitutionary damages and $25 million in punitive damages.

“Defendants in the lawsuit have infringed on the famous Puff and Puff Bar marks by introducing competing devices which use the stylized “Puff” associated with Puff Bar Vapor Devices as well as by openly selling fake or counterfeit Puff Bar vapor devices,” DS Technology Licensing wrote in a statement.

“Defendants are believed to be only a small number of the violators, as the anti-counterfeit verification system at puffbar.com has identified thousands of retail stores at which consumers bought devices which failed the check.”

DS Technology Licensing promised award to those with information that leads to the seizure of counterfeit goods.