Swisher Consolidates Smokeless Portfolio

Swisher has consolidated its broad smokeless tobacco portfolio under Fat Lip Brands. With a mix of classic brands and modern-day favorites in moist snuff, chewing tobacco and dry snuff, the creation of Fat Lip Brands is part of Swisher’s efforts to align its businesses and brands to better serve its wholesale and retail customers as well as its adult consumers. Through this alignment, Fat Lip Brands will enhance its focus within the smokeless category and allow for more effective allocation of resources and customer service efforts, according to the company.

Fat Lip Brands is well positioned among Swisher’s five strategic businesses that also include Swisher Sweets Cigar Co. (large and little/filtered cigars), Drew Estate (premium cigars), Hempire (hemp accessories) and Rogue Holdings (modern oral nicotine). Each business provides focused category expertise and product knowledge under a renewed purpose for the broader company. Through Swisher’s strategic businesses, trade partners will have access to the growth strategies and product innovations that drive expanded success.

Based in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA, Fat Lip Brands brings a 141-year tradition in smokeless tobacco together under a one portfolio covering all customers’ needs in the moist snuff, chew and dry snuff categories. “With classic brands like Mail Pouch, Chattanooga Chew, Bowie, Navy and Railroad Mills offered alongside everyday best sellers like Kayak, Creek and Starr, Fat Lip Brands serves the modern lifestyle of adult consumers while staying grounded in a tradition of quality and affordability,” Swisher wrote in a press note.