Kit Dietz Joins Taat Board of Advisers

Kit Dietz (Photo: Taat Lifestyle & Wellness)

Taat Lifestyle & Wellness has appointed Kit Dietz to its board of advisors.

Dietz has more than three decades of experience in the convenience wholesale industry, including top management roles with well-known convenience channel distributors in the northern United States. Dietz also served on the board of directors of Lorillard, leading up to its $27.4 billion acquisition in June 2015.

More recently, Dietz became President of InfoRhythm, a business data analytics firm for retail and wholesale businesses and their respective supply chains providing prescriptive data-driven insights to CPG companies, convenience distributors, and retailers.

Based out of northern Ohio, Dietz presently advises CPG companies and top management of distribution firms using his extensive knowledge of the convenience channel at a granular level.

“We are excited for Kit Dietz to join Taat as an advisor, just in time for our mid-Q4 2020 launch in Ohio,” said Taat CEO Setti Coscarella in a statement.

“With an advisor such as Mr. Dietz who understands how convenience products such as tobacco are distributed in and near our launch market, I am confident that we will be able to benefit from his market-specific experience to establish the right margins, the right partnerships, and the right analytics models to make calculated and informed business decisions as we contemplate possible expansions into new markets.”