Japan Council Sets 2021 Leaf Prices and Cultivation Area

Photo: Kanenori

Japan’s Leaf Tobacco Deliberative Council has set the domestic tobacco cultivation area at 5,970 hectares for 2021, a decrease of 5.7 percent compared to the 2020 cultivation area.

The leaf tobacco purchase price will increase by 0.62 percent from last year to an average of ¥1,924.15 ($18.32) per kilogram for all leaf types.

The Leaf Tobacco Deliberative Council confers on matters concerning the cultivation and purchase of domestically grown leaf tobacco in response to inquiries by Japan Tobacco (JT).

Currently chaired by Yoshitsugu Minagawa, the council consists a maximum of 11 members, appointed by JT and approved by Minister of Finance from among representatives of domestic leaf tobacco growers and academic scholars.