Taat Starts Commercial-Scale Production

Photo: Taat Lifestyle and Wellness

Taat Lifestyle & Wellness’ contract manufacturing partner has begun commercial-scale production after receiving a supply of Beyond Tobacco base material from the company.

This batch will be packaged using an updated Taat pack design, similar to the provisional pack designs published in September. Beginning in November 2020, when initial production of Taat is expected to be completed, inventory of Taat is to be shipped from the manufacturer’s warehouse to tobacco wholesalers in Ohio, who will then be able to fulfill orders for Taat from tobacco retailer accounts in the convenience channel.

Beyond Tobacco is the nicotine-free and tobacco-free base material of Taat, an alternative to traditional cigarettes, the company explained  in a press note. Taat has been engineered to closely replicate every aspect of the cigarette-smoking experience, including a combustible stick format, cigarette-style packaging, an enhanced volume of smoke exhaled, and a taste and smell similar to tobacco attained by way of a patent-pending refinement technique.