• June 19, 2024

‘Juul Nicotine Levels Competitive With Cigs’

 ‘Juul Nicotine Levels Competitive With Cigs’
Photo: Ethan Parsa from Pixabay

The Juul System may deliver a sufficiently satisfying level nicotine to compete with combustible cigarettes for adult smokers, according to new research.

Published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, the clinical study compared the nicotine delivery profile of the Juul System with other nicotine-containing products, including cigarettes, to assess their pharmacokinetic profiles. The study found that while the initial nicotine delivery for the Juul System was similar to that of combustible cigarettes, the maximum and total amount of nicotine delivered was lower than that of combustible cigarettes, on par with another ENDS product, and higher than nicotine gum.

“When considering laws and regulations governing nicotine, policymakers should bear in mind that providing a similar nicotine effect and experience to combustible cigarettes is critical to facilitate an adult smoker’s transition away from smoking,” said Mark Rubinstein, vice president of science at Juul Labs in a statement. “E-cigarettes have the potential to displace combustible cigarettes, but only if they deliver nicotine at levels to satisfy smokers.”