• April 21, 2024

PMI Announces New Parental Leave Policy

 PMI Announces New Parental Leave Policy
Photo: PMI

Philip Morris International (PMI) will launch a new parental leave scheme that focuses on “people raising families” rather than the gendered stereotype of “women having children.” It will go into effect Jan. 1, 2021.

The new global minimum parental leave principles will be implemented in phases across all markets as part of PMI’s commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce.

PMI’s new minimum leave principles will provide primary caregivers with a minimum of 18 weeks fully paid parental leave and secondary caregivers with a minimum of eight weeks fully paid parental leave. Countries may exceed these principles if, for example, local laws require it or local management teams choose to implement a different package.

“Our new minimum parental leave principles are inclusive as they apply to all employees regardless of gender or sexual orientation and regardless of whether they become parents through birth, adoption or surrogacy,” said Silke Muenster, PMI’s chief diversity officer, in a statement. “I see it as another demonstration of how PMI is creating a more inclusive, diverse work environment to meet the challenges and expectations of our people for the 21st century workplace.”