• May 27, 2024

Taat’s Hemp Cigarette Arrives in Ohio

 Taat’s Hemp Cigarette Arrives in Ohio
Photo: Taat Lifestyle & Wellness

Taat Lifestyle & Wellness has started distributing Taat, its tobacco and nicotine-free hemp cigarette, in the United States, the company announced in a statement. On Dec. 11, 2020, a first shipment of Taat arrived at the Canton, Ohio, warehouse of ADCO Distributors.

Taat Chief Revenue Officer Tim Corkum said he was impressed with the rapid rollout of Taat.

“It was exactly four months ago that I joined the company to lead commercialization efforts for Taat in the United States, and I consider it an incredible accomplishment for us to have taken the product from its first iteration to being retail-ready and in a distributor’s warehouse in that short of a period without any of the advantages that an established tobacco industry firm would have,” he said.

 “We are thrilled to be receiving the first distribution-scale batch of TAAT right on schedule, so that we can begin filling pre-orders from our tobacco retailer accounts across the state of Ohio,” said Pat Bell, chief operating officer of ADCO commented.

“Additionally, we have received numerous requests from retailers who wish to place an order for TAAT upon the arrival of the first shipment to our warehouse, which we anticipate could lead to even more orders of TAAT. For a product that is not yet sold at retail, I am very impressed with the amount of interest that TAAT has managed to garner over the past few months.”

In October 2020, the Taat Lifestyle & Wellness announced that it would be debuting Taat in Ohio. Initial launch activities included the rollout of a large-scale digital marketing campaign targeting legal-aged smokers in Ohio and sales efforts coordinated by a key accounts manager with more than a decade of sales experience with one of the world’s largest tobacco companies.