Next Generation Assigns Patent

    Photo: Martinmark -

    Next Generation Labs (NGL), the world’s largest manufacturer of TFN R-S, S and R isomer nicotine, has assigned the rights of its Republic of Korea R-S nicotine manufacturing patent to NextEra Co.

    NGL said it has taken this step “to help strengthen direct in-market enforcement efforts by NextEra against unscrupulous manufacturers who have attempted to ship unauthorized synthetic, nonsynthetic and, in some instances, counterfeit or mislabeled TFN synthetic nicotine vape products into the South Korea market.”

    NextEra is NGL’s exclusive TFN partner and is the largest flavor formulator and distributor of synthetic nicotine vape products in South Korea. Under the assignment, NextEra products containing TFN will continue to be sold, and NextEra will use all means available to protect the market and prohibit violative brands from entering South Korea.

    “This is a strategic patent assignment that will give NextEra the full freedom to use all legal means at its disposal to seek enforcement of existing intellectual property rights related for TFN recreational nicotine in the market,” NGL wrote in a statement

    “Next Generation Labs fully expects NextEra to immediately take action against violators and utilize all necessary legal remedies against any business seeking to either: divert R-S nicotine product sales into South Korea from other markets, attempt to sell mislabeled tobacco-derived nicotine as a synthetic product, or to sell counterfeit TFN products in South Korea,” the company added.

    The terms of the patent transaction have not been made public, and the transaction will not impact Next Generation Labs’ other patents in South Korea or impact control of patents in any other jurisdiction worldwide.