Rush Nicotine Pouch Hits U.S. Market

    Photo: Crown Distributing

    Rush non-tobacco oral nicotine pouches are now available in the United States through Crown Distributing, Global Tobacco and America Juice Co.

    Manufactured under license through Alternative Nicotine Technologies, Rush is available in wintergreen, mint, citrus and cinnamon flavors. Consumers can pick between nicotine levels of 3 mg and 7 mg.

    Mike Walters, vice president of sales at Crown Distribution, has high expectations for the new product. “Our initial consumer feedback tells us the Rush tobacco-free white nicotine pouches rate high on soft mouth feel, flavor impact and overall nicotine satisfaction when compared to other brands currently on the market,” he said in a statement.

    Unlike other pouch brands that claim to be tobacco-free, Rush does not rely on tobacco-nicotine extracts or flavors, according to Crown Distribution. “We deliver on our promise that all of our ingredients are certifiable as non-tobacco,” says Walters. “This makes the Rush nicotine pouch the first true ‘tobacco-free’ nationwide brand roll-out in the modern oral nicotine pouch category.”