• April 12, 2024

FDA Asked to Prioritize Harm Reduction

 FDA Asked to Prioritize Harm Reduction

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration should encourage harm reduction products and help smokers give up cigarettes, according to Markus Lindblad, head of external affairs at the Haypp Group, the parent company of NicoKick, which describes itself as the world’s largest American e-commerce company in the smokeless industry.

In a letter to Acting Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Janet Woodcock, Lindblad encouraged her to prioritize the goal she helped set at the FDA in previous years to enable greater use of healthier harm reduction products and help smokers quit combustible products.

“Our mission at NicoKick is to drive real change in the industry and encourage alternative nicotine enjoyment for adults seeking products other than inhalants,” Linblad wrote.

“We recognize that your focus is understandably on addressing the coronavirus pandemic, but we hope as you lead the Food and Drug Administration that you continue to prioritize tobacco harm reduction products that will produce better health outcomes for millions of American smokers. We can all agree any effort to transition from traditional tobacco products to those that reduce harm to the consumer should be supported and would be an important win for public health.”