All-Parliamentary Group Hears Vapor Advocates

Mark Pawsey MP and Chairman of the APPG for Vaping

Prominent tobacco harm reduction advocates Gerry Stimson (Knowledge-Action-Change), Clive Bates (The Counterfactual), John Dunne (U.K. Vaping Industry Association) and Daniel Pryor (Adam Smith Institute) attended a virtual meeting organized by the U.K. All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Vaping, a collection of MPs and peers focused on e-cigarettes.

The tobacco harm reduction advocates’ input will be used to advise the U.K. delegation to the Conference of the Parties (COP9) to the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which is scheduled to take place in the Netherlands this November.

Chaired by Mark Pawsey, the APPG is keen for the U.K. to defend its vaping position internationally and to promote the successes of British vaping. The expert witnesses highlighted the considerable public health benefits of harm reduction tools and the potential benefit they could provide around the world.

Tuesday’s evidence session came as the U.K. government continues its own review of tobacco regulations, meaning a busy time for advocates hoping to protect the public potential of vaping.

“I was happy to accept the invitation from the APPG because the UKVIA believe[s] we have an incredible opportunity to spread the word—that innovative, appropriately regulated vaping industries save lives,” said Dunne in a statement. “Post-Brexit Britain is newly independent in forums like COP9, and it means we can drive this positive message home like never before.”