• July 24, 2024

Baek Recommended for Second Tenure

 Baek Recommended for Second Tenure
Bok-in Baek (Photo: KT&G)

KT&G’s Director Candidate Recommendation Committee (DCRC) has recommended Bok-in Baek, the current president of KT&G, as a candidate for the next president of KT&G.

If appointed as the next president in the general meeting of shareholders scheduled to be held in March, Bok-in Baek would be expected to manage KT&G for the next three years.

The DCRC said that it had selected Baek as a candidate after carefully considering his achievements, vision and strategy, among other factors.

The DCRC added that Baek has been highly regarded for his leadership of KT&G. Baek’s tenure at the helm of the company included expansion into more than 100 foreign markets and the conclusion of an export contract for tobacco-type electronic cigarettes with Philip Morris International.