Vuse Alto Vapor Brand Expands in the U.S.

Photo: R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co.

The Vuse vapor brand announced today a national expansion in the United States of Vuse Alto Golden Tobacco 5.0 percent and Alto Menthol 5.0 percent four-pod packs and the national release of Vuse Alto Golden Tobacco 2.4 percent and Alto Menthol 2.4 percent four-pod packs.

The four-pod packs provide adult vapor consumers with three Vuse Alto configuration options as they can now choose from single-pod, two-pod or four-pod packs. The national availability of four-pod packs gives Vuse the most expansive portfolio of choice for adult vapor consumers with three flavors, in three nicotine strengths across three configuration formats as well as the many options for device customization with a range of device colors, wraps and engraving options.

“Done responsibly, our ambition is to make Vuse the No. 1 vapor brand in the U.S. market,” said Christy Canary-Garner, vice president of Vuse commercial development at R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co, in a statement. “This portfolio expansion provides us with the opportunity to better compete and enhances our price competitiveness to drive conversion among existing adult vapor consumers and boost loyalty.

“The four-pod pack configuration is the most popular among competitive pod-mod vapor products, and four-pod packs enable Vuse Alto to compete against competitors on a per-pod price point. The new four-pod packs are available to all retail outlets.

“Coupled with our release of single pods in November of 2020, this national rollout of four-pod packs now gives adult Vuse consumers more options than any other brand.”

The national expansion of the four-pod packs will begin this week.