• July 15, 2024

Conny Andersson Joins Sting Free

 Conny Andersson Joins Sting Free
Conny Andersson (Photo courtesy of Sting Free)

Snus master blender Conny Andersson has joined Sting Free, a Swedish company that has developed a solution to eliminate the stinging sensation associated with snus use.

Andersson is a skilled and experienced tobacco expert and “father” to popular snus varieties, such as vintage snus Kardus (2005–2012), Islay Whiskey Snus, Crafted Snus and Hop (e) & Glory snus.

In recent years, Andersson helped produce several tobacco-free snus alternatives, including Infiniti, YoYo and others. Since 2015, Andersson has worked as a self-employed consultant for several Swedish and international companies, primarily in the snus and nicotine pouch industry.

Sting-free may become a new standard in the global oral nicotine industry.

Conny Andersson

“Sting-free may become a new standard in the global oral nicotine industry,” said Andersson in a statement. “The reason is that the burning sensation on the gums is a big obstacle for almost all adult nicotine users to take up snus or nicotine pouches [for the] first time. This is especially true in countries outside the Nordic region where there is no snus tradition at all. The fact that the new technology may also help smokers to dare trying a smoke-free oral nicotine alternative to cigarettes is inspiring.”

Andersson is a shareholder in Sting Free and a new member of the executive working group from April 2021.

Tobacco Reporter profiled Sting Free in July 2017 (see “Patching the Pouch”).