KT&G to Convert to Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Minister of Environment Han Jeong-ae (left) and KT&G Vice President Bang Gyeong-man during the Korean Pollution-Free Conversion 100 ceremony at The Plaza Hotel in Seoul (Photo: KT&G)

KT&G plans to convert a total of 1,200 business vehicles into eco-friendly vehicles by 2030.

KT&G participated in the 2nd Declaration Ceremony for Korean-style Electric Vehicle Conversion 100 (K-EV100), held at The Plaza Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on April 14.

The K-EV100 project is led by the Ministry of Environment, which has publicly declared that vehicles owned or leased by private companies will be converted to 100 percent pollution-free vehicles by 2030.

Converting all of the company’s current business vehicles into eco-friendly vehicles by 2030 is predicted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20,000 tons.

“This K-EV100 declaration is a part of KT&G’s sustainability agenda, and we will endeavor to become a global leading company in ESG through systematic and advanced ESG management,” a KT&G official said in a statement.